23.03.1983 – Bordeaux, France
Lives and works between Bordeaux and Ayssenes

In his paintings, Simon Rayssac uses the repetition of patterns, colours and movements.
In his work, repetition is in a process of permanent creation. Through the articulation of opposites, similarities and reflections, his work is constantly enriching and transforming itself. The endpoint is never reached. Returning to the starting point is always possible. Virtuosity and clumsiness blend together. This artist does not seek to resolve contradictions. On the contrary, he affirms them. Nothing is further away from his work than strict determination and authoritarian argumentation. His purpose is not to enclose or delimit his pictorial gesture, but rather to use it as a tool for excess and fracturing in order to forge ahead and seize a profusion of sensations and images. If there exists a relationship between our world and his, it is analogous to love, that is to say, it is made up of fantasies, temptations and abandon, flights of fancy, quivering and the stuff of daily life, of fusions and separations. And these two worlds are necessary, they never fully suppress each other; they are in a permanent alliance of rupture and reconciliation. (Didier Arnaudet)

2010 – DNSEP, Ebabx, Bordeaux ( Daniel Dewar, Daniel Chevalier, Fabien Vallos, Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Thomas Boutoux … )

Solo and duo exhibitions
2019 – La servante et les chevaux, Pierre Poumet (hors les murs), Barcelone
2019 – Une jeune fille dans un champ de mais, La Centrale
2018 – Waterloo, Nicolas Milhé & Simon Rayssac, Pierre Poumet, London
2018 – Les Volets Bleus, Pierre Poumet, Bordeaux
2018 – Des Cerises Sur Les Oreilles with Ludovic Beillard, L’Annexe, Paris
2018 – Tout L’Univers, Palette Terre, Paris
2017 – Fontaine et Cheval, Galerie Bien
2017 – Des Ronds Dans L’eau, After Howl, Bruxelles
2017 – Fleur de Pays with Ludovic Beillard, Atelier W, Pantin
2017 – Une Jeune fille dans un champ de Maïs, Bikini, Lyon
2017 – L’Odeur Des Sentiments with Ludovic Beillard, Hypercorps, Bruxelles
2017 – Regarder l’herbe pousser, Pierre Poumet, Bordeaux
2016 – Femme Au Foyer, Silicone, Bordeaux
2016 – Haut Le Coeur with Ludovic Beillard, Escalier B, Bordeaux
2015 – Dans Le Rose, Escalier B, Bordeaux
2015 – Je t’aime, Fabian Home, Bruxelles
2013 – Do You Remember The Milk?, 5UN7, Bordeaux

Group exhibitions
2020 – Milléniales – Peintures 2000-2020, curated by Vincent Pécoil, Frac Nouvelle-Aquitaine MECA, Bordeaux
2020 – Le Virus De La Peinture, curated by Connoisseurs, Online Exhibition
2019 – Auloffée, curated by Élise Girardot, Pessac
2019 – Novembre à Vitry, Galerie Jean Collet, Vitry-sur-Seine
2019 – Langage II – Tilder, curated by C.O.F, Centre Pompidou, Paris
2019 – Drawing Now, Galerie Anne Barrault, Paris
2019 – PopCorn Time, as curator, Eponyme, Bordeaux
2018 – NoEL, Galerie Anne Barrault, Paris
2018 – Novembre à Vitry, Galerie Jean Collet, Vitry-sur-Seine
2018 – Cruising In a Palace, invited by Titanix, Electra Palace, Athens
2018 – Pendant Que Les Champs Brulent, Plateforme, Paris
2018 – Sessions #7, Galerie Bertrand Grimont, Paris
2017 – Double Trouble, curated by Claude Lévêque, Ici Gallery, Paris
2017 – Les Entrées Extraordinaire III, Atelier W, Pantin
2016 – Des Embruns, Pierre Poumet, Bordeaux
2016 – Les Entrées Extraordinaire II, Atelier W, Pantin
2015 – Anger Management, Komplot, Bruxelles

2018 – Le Manoir, Mouthier Haute-Pierre
2017 – Le Courant Ayssenois, Ayssenes
2016 – Chambres à part, 35h, Paris

2019 – PopCorn Time, Eponyme, Bordeaux (Karina Bisch, Bastien Cosson, Camilia Oliveira Fairclought, Coraline Guilbeau)
2017 – (with Frédéric Houvert) les Tournesols (Frédéric Houvert, Laurent Proux et Daniel Mato)
2017 –
(with Ludovic Beillard, Coraline Guilbeau), Beautiful, EBABX, Bordeaux
2017 –
(with Ludovic Beillard) L’odeur des sentiments, Hypercorps, Bruxelles (Martin Belou, Laurie Charles, Cyril Debon, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Romain Juan, Rémi Lambert, Antoine Renard, Zoé de Soumagnat)


2019 – Tout L’univers en 46×55 cm
2017 – Jour de Croûte, Lapin-Canard LC067

Review – Kubaparis, Les volets Bleus
Review- Palette Terre, Tout L’Univers
Press – Connoisseurs, Le Virus De La Peinture
Press – Editions Naima, La Centrale, une jeune fille dans un champ de maïs
Review – Tzvetnik, Des Cerises Sur Les Oreilles
Review – Tzvetnik, Fleur De Pays
Review – Art Viewer,  L’Odeur Des Sentiments
Review – After Howl, Des Ronds Dans L’Eau
Text – Revue Laura, Elise Girardot , A Travers La Fenêtre
Text – Boombang – Clare Mary Puyfoulhoux – Grand Récits Sur Fond blanc
Text – Junkpage, Produire Une Intensité
Text – Junkpage, Paradis Perdus
Review – Dda Aquitaine, Waterloo
Review – Galerie Bien, Fontaine Et Cheval

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